Sure, it's all looking good now but it's been a decade in the making

Sure, it's all looking good now but it's been a decade in the making... seriously.

I appreciate everyone who has sent me well wishes and celebrated my progress with the workshops, poetry and public speaking stuff. It's always easy to share the achievements (that's a lie, but I find it easier now).

Sometimes (though) it can seem like things just suddenly happen for people or that a person has a natural gift/confidence.


In the past, including during my Students' Union days (way back when), I was a foul and fearful public speaker.

I led my first workshop at CHIVA's 2010 Summer Camp. It's taken almost eight years to shake that 'I DON'T DESERVE to be here' (aka Impostor's Syndrome) feeling, when it came to leading training sessions.

That feeling ready sensation that you may be waiting for, before starting whatever it is you're wanting to do... probably won't come until you're actually doing whatever it is.

Learning and building confidence on the job - that *annoying* chicken/egg situation.

I've rarely felt ready at the start of most of my ventures, they've just felt right. I've rarely been very good in the beginning either.

BuzzFeed's 12 Tips For Getting Over Impostor Syndrome captures some of the things I wish I had known when I was going through the motions and it's something I'll refer back to when those motions pops back up:

Sure, it's all looking good now, but it's been 10 years in the making. 

All the best x

Bakita Kasadha