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OUT NOW: L WORDS (artwork by Honey Williams)


Photo by  Munya Chidakwa , makeup by  House of Cherry

Photo by Munya Chidakwa, makeup by House of Cherry

Staggeringly powerful poetry from Bakita, highlighting the importance of unpicking self stigma to improve quality of life
Truly an honour and privilege to hear you speak. You are an amazing young woman! Like seriously. You WERE my highlight and I could listen to you speak all day.
— Aled Osborne
Best input today; values led, informed, well crafted. Thank you!
— Jamie S
Bakita succeeded in making my thumb and middle finger go numb from so much snapping. She took it there. She spoke my heart.



Through my poetry, I explore the tensions between expectations/stereotypes, internal dialogue and social constructs. In 2016, I received a Commendation from the Words & Music Festival and have performed my poetry in a variety of places, including Thaba Bosiu (Lesotho), Paris and I have been a guest performer in the play EXperiences.

Themes covered include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Identity

  • Discovery

  • Black and African history

  • Displacement

  • Self-care/self-love

  • Childhood

  • Mental health/wellbeing

  • Relationships



I have delivered keynotes and been a panellist at various events, including TEDxCoventGarden, Fast-Track Cities Initiative London launch, the Young Diverse World Changers conference and IAS conference in Paris. 

Themes covered include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Challenging self-stigma

  • Accessing health care/support

  • Women empowerment

  • Civil society capacity building

  • Self-care and rethinking resilience in activism

Read my theatre piece, for HIV Voices dramatic monologue collection, Invisible No Longer.


Scars - video edited by @IzzyArio

Black + Female - filmed by Melanated Minds (as part of the Miseducated Project).
Contains strong language and necessary education.


I Am - filmed as part of the Spark17 movement at Sentebale (Lesotho).


Peak - produced by Nazmul Hoque. Instrumental by Lex Amor. Written and performed by BAKITA:KK. Created as part of The Truth Session scheme.


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