Bakita delivers one-to-one and organisational development training. Bakita began designing and delivering workshops/training in 2010, at a young people’s summer camp. Since then she has delivered career development training (for those out of work and seeking to progress) and capacity building sessions for civil society groups, including:

  • community engagement and challenging the idea of ‘hard to reach’;

  • re-thinking Resilience and structural self-care in activism;

  • creative writing;

  • personal coaching sessions.

 Bakita also delivers training via Up Skill 4 Life’s, as an associate.


Photo by   Irina Lut

Photo by Irina Lut

Often I struggle with allowing other people in and sharing various pieces of my work with them, however, I felt that in your class you made me feel that in that room I was free to share whatever I wanted... I honestly cannot even begin to express how much that workshop really boosted me this morning, as I adore writing so much – so it was FUN to get spend the first half of the day channeling our inner creativity.