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Often I struggle with allowing other people in and sharing various pieces of my work with them, however, I felt that in your class you made me feel that in that room I was free to share whatever I wanted... I honestly cannot even begin to express how much that workshop really boosted me this morning, as I adore writing so much – so it was FUN to get spend the first half of the day channelling our inner creativity.


I began delivering workshops in 2010, at the Children’s HIV Association summer camp, and have continued to participate in the camp since. The workshops focus on the education and employment legal rights of people living with HIV as well as tools to deal with stigma and emotional wellbeing.

As part of my former local government role, I designed and co-delivered a three-day programme to support people getting back into work. This was a tailored workshop, many of the participants had been out of work for 5+ years. The programme was given a high satisfaction rating, 84% of participants rated the programme as 'good' or 'very good'.

I have designed and delivered personal development and creative writing workshops too. I am currently delivering Up Skill 4 Life’s programme at UCL, for a fourth consecutive academic year.

I design and deliver workshops in the following areas: 

  • Change Your Inner Story

  • Re-thinking Resilience/self-care in activism

  • Creative sessions

  • Bespoke workshops



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